Memorial OPC Adult Sunday School - Westminster Shorter Catechism – 2011-2012

Q63: Which is the fifth commandment?

A63: The fifth commandment is, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God gives you.”

Q64: What is required in the fifth commandment?

A64: The fifth commandment requires the preserving the honor, and performing the duties, belonging to every one in their several places and relations, as superiors, inferiors, or equals.

Q65: What is the forbidden in the fifth commandment?

A65: The fifth commandment forbids the neglecting of, or doing anything against, the honor and duty which belongs to every one in their several places and relations.

Q66: What is the reason annexed to the fifth commandment?

A66: The reason annexed to the fifth commandment is a promise of long life and prosperity (as far as it shall serve for God's glory and their own good) to all such as keep this commandment.


Psalm 127:1-5

We must have absolute trust in the Lord when it comes to our homes.

Absolute trust in the Lord when it comes to…


I. The C                                  of the Home


      A. Not by human ingenuity, wit, and wisdom – sociology; secular humanists


      B. Without God’s blueprint, without God’s Bible; without God’s manual – doomed to failure.


            1. Think of Babel

            2. Think of the rebuilding of Jericho by Hiel

            3. All for vanity and worthlessness


      C. Jesus is the home builder; sin and Satan are the home wreckers.



II. The P                                 of the Home


      A. What is a city, if not a collection of homes?


      B. The city, the collection of homes, need protection. From what?


            1. Playboy philosophy                                                            5. Selfishness

            2. Drugs and alcohol                                                  6. Separation of Church and Home

            3. Violence                                                                 7. Others…

            4. Stress


      C. Who will protect the home? All is in vain if...



III. The C                               of the Home


      A. The “R              R                    ” to get more and more.


            1. The pull and promise of materialism


            2. The enslavement of materialism


            3. The bread of sorrows…

      B. Sufficiency, security, significance and satisfaction must be found in God


            1. Godliness with contentment is great gain…


            2. He gives His beloved sleep



IV. The C                               of the Home


      A. The D                                       of children


            1. Not explained by chance


            2. Not explained by biology


            3. But from the Lord


      B. The D                                       of children


            1. Not a burden and liability, but a blessing – an inheritance and reward


            2. Modern feminist movement – “Don’t let children rob you…”


            3. Manly mantra – “Don’t let children tie you down and make you poor…”


            4. The Word of God – “Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.”


      C. The D                           -ability of children


            1. They are arrows to be shot – polished, pointed, propelled


            2. In the hand – while they are there they can be directed.

                  a. If at all possible, do not farm-out the children to someone else.

                  b. Children need you – both Mom and Dad – there is no greater influence on them.


            3. Once the arrow has left the bow, it can no longer be directed.


      D. The T                           hit


            1. No shame – for parent or child


            2. Because these ones have been raised to fight – to be shot at the enemy

                  a. The nursery of the home is the nursery of missionary endeavor.

                  b. The arrow is able to go where the bowman can’t.