Basic Outline of the Westminster Shorter Catechism


1-3: Introduction (with Q&A #3 establishing the overall outline of the Catechism)


4-38: What man must believe conceming God (and his relationship with God)

4-6: ††††††† The one true and living God I

5-12:†††††† Godís works (God the Father)

13-19:†††† Manís fall and the consequences

20-28: ††† Christ the Redeemer (God the Son)

29-38: ††† Christís work applied (God the Holy Spirit)


39-107:What duty God requires of man

†††††††††††††† 39-84: ††† The ten commandments

39-44: ††† Introduction to Godís law

45-62: ††† Commandments 1 to 4 I

63-81: ††† Commandments 5 to 10

82-84: ††† Epilogue ~ All have broken God's law and are under Godís Wrath
85-l07:††† How must we escape the wrath of God?

86-87: ††† Faith and repentance
88-107: The means of grace

89-90: ††† Means of grace - the word

91-93: ††† Means of grace -the sacraments

94-95: ††† Baptism

96-97: ††† The Lordís Supper

98-107:†† Means of grace Ė prayer



Where We Have Been (January 2009 through June 2011):

1-3: Introduction (with Q. 3 establishing the overall outline of the Catechism)


A Basic Outline of the WSC

Q. 1 †††††† The Chief End of Man

Q. 2-3 ††† The Only Rule for Glorifying God


4-38: What man must believe concerning God (and his relationship with God)


4-11:†††††† Doctrine ofGod, His Decree, Creation, and Providence
12-19:†††† Man ís Fall into Sin and the Consequences (the Covenant of Works/LUíe)
20-28: ††† Christ the Redeemer of God 's Elect through the Covenant of Grace

29-38: ††† Christ 's work applied by God the Holy Spirit

        Effectual Calling; Justification; Adoption; Sanctification; Accompanying Benefits

        Believer's Benefits at Death and Believer's Benefits at the Resurrection

        The Bibleís teaching on personal and cosmic eschatology (7 month study)


39-107:What duty God requires of man


39-84:†††† The ten commandments


        Introduction to Godís law

        Overview of Commandments 1 to 4

        Why do we do what we do in worship? (the Second Commandment)

        What about musical instruments, choirs, special music, etc.? (the Second Commandment)

        What are we to think of Islam? (the First Commandment)

        What about set times of devotion unto God? What about fasting? (the Fourth Commandment)




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